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Post » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:30 pm

Or is there one?

I've seen a lot of information about this but it's not so clear to me. Bottom line, is there a way to get an IPA file or whatever you need to upload to the app store without buying a mac just to compile?

I've got a game running fine on ios and android through the cocoonjs launcher, and I'm getting ready to release.

I've read about using the phonegap build service, but I'm not sure if the pbxproj and other files cocoonjs gives me are what I need, and the site seems to say (contrary to many forum posts I read) that you still need a mac to get your certificate or some such. And then I read posts about people using the ludei cloud compile service, but that is just something to give you said xcode project files and won't actually compile with your developer info, right?

I'm currently trying to install a osx on a virtualbox which will hopefully yield results, and I'll update if it does.rrosai2013-01-06 14:09:35
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