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Post » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:22 pm

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Hi, Im looking someone for a little customization for a game made in construct 2.

1) * Custom Panda Love Game )

2.1) Panda Love is an adventure platformer with pixel art.
2.2) +20 Levels
2.3) HTML5 Mobile Optimized
2.4) Mobile App Optimized
2.5) Ludei + Ads Supported
2.6) One Touch Control
2.7) Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
2.8) Responsive
2.9) Autosave (Webstorage)
2.10) Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source)

3) Customization
3.1) Share on Facebook on Level 1, 5, 10, 15 with these messages:
3.1.1) On level 1 the message is: "SUPERÉ EL NIVEL 1 GANE ¼ DE POLLO EN BRONKO #Bronkoapp. #el1/4depollomasgrandedeSCZ #unicaappenelmundoconpremioinmediato"

3.1.2) On level 5 the message is: "SUPERÉ EL NIVEL 5 GANE ¼ DE POLLO EN BRONKO #Bronkoapp. #el1/4depollomasgrandedeSCZ #unicaappenelmundoconpremioinmediato"

3.1.3) On level 10 the message is: "SUPERÉ EL NIVEL 10 GANE ¼ DE POLLO EN BRONKO #Bronkoapp. #el1/4depollomasgrandedeSCZ #unicaappenelmundoconpremioinmediato"

3.1.4) On level 15 the message is: "SUPERÉ EL NIVEL 15 GANE ¼ DE POLLO EN BRONKO #Bronkoapp. #el1/4depollomasgrandedeSCZ #unicaappenelmundoconpremioinmediato"

3.3) Available from Android 3.0 to higher
3.2) Limit the game to 15 Levels
3.3) The level 16 is the reward part.
3.4) Login with Facebook as show in the mockup
3,5) Insert the games rules as show in the mockup with the text appeared in the file "game rules.png"
3.6) We will provided the construct 2 project because we have changed the 15 backgrounds, the character, the food to eat, the platform and the platform that disappear from the original source code.

Im looking a long time business relationship for more work, please send me your portfolio or past works, thanks !
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Post » Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:55 am

I did not, you've done this game and want to change? If so precise make available the source link to download.
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