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Post » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:04 am

This is a free 2d cutout animation addon for Blender, similar to Spline and Spriter, which exports currently into Godot.

Image (highres version)

Download here:

Github & details:

A Photoshop exporter script is included to export your 2d character directly into Blender.

The armature is simple to setup, and even weight painting is supported for full control over how the armature affects elements. All the animation tools in Blender, such as a dope sheet and full animation curves can be used to animate with.

Supported features
  • multiple animations per character (running, standing, jumping, etc.)
  • rotation for elements
  • scale deformations for elements
  • opacity/alpha for elements
  • z-depth control for elements
  • tiling
  • Elements in your character can consist of one or more frames. This allows you to switch out parts for different ones (for example, blinking eyes, feet in various states, depending on the animation, or the animation frame.

The animation is exported to a JSON file. The addon and Blender are free, which would be a great alternative to both Spline and Spriter. A Godot game engine importer is already available.

I hope someone here will take up the challenge to create an importer for Construct.

Video: ... 6M1m4LEjf_

List of Videos: ... 6M1m4LEjf_

Discussion & feedback here: ... nder/page3
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Post » Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:06 am

Interesting find.

I am looking into spline currently. Does anyone know if spline now supports sprite sheets that can be used in construct? The plugin for construct looks great but nice to be able to used traditional sprite sheets for some projects.

If this addon for blender works could be a nice alternative.
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