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Post » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:34 am

DeathRay Animated — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

We all seen the end level bosses with these massive lazers you need to avoid, well here they are!

add secondary motion like sine motion (vertical, horizontal) or even rotation, multiple instances no problem!

ofcourse you can also change speed, frame duration, repeat,..


  • 20 animation variations, fast, long, double beam, intense, lighter,..
  • same animations in two extra colors: Red, Green
  • blue version fully implemented in the deathrayviewer
  • deathrayviewer capx is included
  • important optimize work has been done

How the optimalization works

the beam animations was made and then converted to a strip of pixels, by stretching the pixelstrip we get back to the original beam or any size we want & now we can actually save the animation in a very small size

The beams have a gradient effect, if you strech them more you can get a full screen sized coloreffects, very cool!


  • Looks best with additive blendmode (demo)
  • the endpoints of the lazer need to be covered or fill the screen

Any questions? Happy to help..

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