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Post » Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:28 am

Is there a way to destroy objects through collisions or overlapping with image points?

For example:
*If Object A's image point collides with objects B's image point
*Destroy object B

I did see a command line in the system setting and it looked like this:

I tryed using the string form of my imagepoint "destroy" but it doesn't seem to work. I then tryed the X-value of the imagepoint, and still no luck.

What have I tryed so far:
comparing image points between two both objects with the compare two values thing, but it didn't work, or I'm not sure how to use it

Does anyone know how to properly compare two image points when one image point of an object overlaps another at its image point?

IF it doesn't make sense then please tell and i'll try to be more clear
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