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I am working on system where i need to keep track of relations between different objects. Say, how much "A" likes "B", and vice versa. To do this, i am using an array to keep track of this relations. The thing is I need to do lots of "look ups" in the array and i do not know how to do the following.

1) Following a recent post i was able to look for the Highest and Lowest value by comparing each array value with a previos variable, and replacing the variable if the value is higher/lower. The problem is want this to be done "every turn", but the "For Each XY function" runs once and i do not know how to "restart" it.

2) Also i would like to look within the array for a number, but excluding the party searching for the number (say "A") from the lookup. How can i exclude a column and a row to look into?

Finally, since i may have taken a wrong way, is there a best way to keep up with this "A,B,C" relations?

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