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Post » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:34 pm

I'm making an online browser game. I mustn't use an exporter.
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Post » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:49 pm

I think (but I never played deeply with it so i'm only supposing) that checking if alpha, beta and gamma values are positive or negative in combination with the browser object "is portrait/landscape" condition should give you enough information to retrieve the window orientation.
Unfortunately I'm at work so I can't experiment with it.
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Post » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:55 pm

Thx Knifegrinder, I'll look this.
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Post » Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:14 pm


@Knifegrinder just gave just about the same explanation I was suggesting, so there was no need to Dude! me. Dude, might not have been meant insulting, it's a clear form of disrespect (at least in the way you typed it) I'm sure my response was a bit over the top, but that was more aimed at the last 10 people I helped without getting thanks, than to you personally.

I was under the impression you could have figured out yourself that using the alpha beta and gamma values combined with browser orientation would work and in fact your second question was just about browser orientation, but obviously you were asking for something you already new the answer to.

Like before, I hope you figure it out..
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