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Post » Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:02 am

Does anyone know where I can find a tileset in the style of Diablo 1?

I am only interested in the town graphics, not the dungeons. Specifically, I need buildings and a ground that look similar to that found in Tristram.

Alternatively, since this is just for personal use/prototyping, I could just use the actual assets from the game-- that is, if you know where I can find them without needing to extract them from the game.

I found an image of the entire town of Tristram here (It came up instantly as soon as I changed my search strategy ):


This will do for my purposes, although if anyone knows of any other assets similar to this style I would appreciate seeing them, as I may want to use them too.


Discant2013-02-01 04:44:49
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