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Post » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:29 pm

Hi, im new with using Construct. I read every tutorial, every manual I found, I search forum hundred of times and I still have some problems.

Im trying to spawn many enemies (Zombies in my game) from different spawn points. At first, i use bullets behave, next i add rts. I was trying to somehow connect them, but it didn't work.
Each zombie, should have the same behaviour. But they react after one of them see me or i shoot him.

Next difficulty is attack. Zombies are slow, they hit every couple of seconds with their hands. In my code, only one zombie is attacking.
Soon i'll get animations for walking, attacking and stuff like that, but before that i wanna preper "ground" for my future work.

Her is my event sheet for enemies:

(Opp - Opponent)

I wanne add, that english isn't my native language. :P Sorry for my mistake.
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