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Post » Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:08 am

Right now, the game can be paused whenever ALT key is pressed. Is it possible to tell Construct to not do this?

One possibility is to untick Caption under Windows Properties setting, but I prefer to have the caption on.
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Post » Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:07 pm

Pausing the game when "alt" key is pressed is not a feature but an interference. It activates the menu control by keys (you know this from any other windows application that has a menu). You can't see the menu, but it technically exists.
You have two options to prevent this behavior:

1) As you said it correctly, if you can live without a caption bar, just untick this option under "Window Properties". Without a caption bar the menu isn't created and "alt" doesn't enter the menu-key-control-mode.

2) If you don't use the controls to navigate the player, or don't use all of the controls, set one of the unused ones (e.g. "Brake" if you don't do a racing game) to the "alt" key. Then add the following event to your event sheet.
+ MouseKeyboard: On key Alt pressed
-> MouseKeyboard: Set control "Brake" of player 1 to 0
But this also means you can't use the "alt" key for anything else.

EDIT: You may of course also just create a new control (e.g. "nomenu") and set that one to "alt".tulamide2012-07-03 13:09:59
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