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Post » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:53 pm

Hello everybody !

Since i start developping in Construct 2, i developped some plugins.
I got the idea to make an app where you con upvote and downvote for the plugins you want.
This way, i can ask for plugins (and you can too) and we get in realtimethe most popular plugins request.
Then i will focus on developping the most upvoted ones.

Here is the app : Armaldio's plugins

Fell free to send me suggestions, bug you found and anything you want to tell me.
If you want a plugin, just press the add button, the fill in the blanks and send me the request, i will add it shortly to the list and people can start voting.

The app will be updated often, so this is not the final version.

I hope you will enjoy the work and ask me some plugins ;)
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