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So today i made this little level from dkc since i couldn't find anything like that, it's full of bugs and glitches but still may be helpfull for someone in the future, so i'll leave it here. Please if you do any edit to this project and solve some of it's problems contact me so i can update it with the latest build as I'm willing to keep working on it so maybe a day we will have a decent complete template. I do not own any of the assets nor music contained in this game, copyright and ownership of Nintendo. Have fun!

Capx :
Play :

P.S. For those interested in helping in the project the major issue is the minecart angulation/collision, which is actually based on sonicmovement behaviour plus the original assets as i prefearred keeping them for a more realistic and nostalgic feedback. For more clarifications try the online version or download the capx,
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