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Post » Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:35 pm

Hiiiiii My SWeetieees!!^^

Im new in this forum, and in construct too. Reaally, reaally new here XD. So, first excuse for my bad english, isnt the best for me but im trying XD. Im just, confuse if i must use easeljs or construct 2 for make a game. I will explain u my proyect. Is a game rpg with battle turn style, like FF (Final fantasy for those who do not know xD). In this time im using, well.. using not yet, im thinking of doing with that.

The game will be online, the user can fight with and agains other players or npc's. In front-end i was thinking use easeljs, for the use of sprites for characters and animations in canvas html, sounds and more. allows me send info and actions between users, In mongoose i store all the information about the players, habilities, name sprites, stats, raking, etc. i want know if i can do all this changing easeljs for construct 2. Or if is better dont change and keep doing my protect like right now.

Sorry again for my bad english. I hope u can understand and help me XD. Thank you very much for read and reply ^^
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