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Post » Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:13 pm

already posted this to the tracker, ashley

the problem is that if more than one object has drag and drop behavior, and one has it disabled, you cannot click on a spot that is occupied by the disabled object to begin a drag for a nondisabled drag and drop object:


the red square on the left has no behavior
the other two squares have drag and drop behavior
the yellow one has the behavior disabled
you'll notice that you can grab the black box and drag it from behind the red box
however if you try to drag and drop the black box from behind the yellow box it doesn't let you.

this happens even if you send the black box in front of the yellow box

can anyone think of a simple workaround?
I have a project I'm working on, where unless someone is holding alt they shouldn't be able to grab a certain type of object, these objects will frequently overlap objects that should be drag droppable.

The only thing I could think of us replicating the drag and drop behavior with events or python
or using sprites that don't have drag and drop at all that you swap out, instead of disabling the drag and drop
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