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Greetings to all gamers !

Iceberg games (me) is preparing a retro pixel platformer with a brave and mean sumo warrior as the main hero...and a dragon of course :)


Explore 3 different areas in 45 levels and defeat the cruel stone army! Our hero is not alone on his journey. Nearly in every level he can find a dragon and fly with him troughout the level! Eventualy the dragon will land and our hero can continue on his own again and use his jump, charge attack and fireballs to fight off monsters.

The game is planed mainly on iOS/Android/HTML5 (in this order to be seen )

45 highly dynamic levels
3 different areas to explore
2 awesome characters to play with: a sumo warrior and a flyable dragon, each with unique gameplay and control mechanics
collect 3 lampions in each level to obtain highest score
use charge attack (high speed), fireballs or jump to destroy enemies
various enemies and traps

current WIP gif:


The game is planed to be available on Christmas time when everything goes well. Website is currently in development and also a video will be available soon.
I had a lot of fun creating this game and aimed for a fun and polished experience ! Every feedback is appreciated
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