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I was going about on how to do dynamic enemy leveling in my game, so I created a test project to fiddle with this and get a working example. I have this perfectly setup, so I wanted to share this test capx with everybody!

Dynamic enemy leveling capx

Basic sum of the formula used:
Base level = Level of player
Level diff = Base level/5
Minimum enemy level = base level - level diff, average enemy level = base level, and maximum enemy level = base level + level diff (not actually used, just to show an example of how the range works)

Actual enemy level (examples below):
[Base level] +/- [Range of of level difference]

37 (base level) - 2 (random value from level diff, which is 7) = 35 (enemy level)
42 (base level) + 4 (random value from level diff, which is 8) = 46 (enemy level)[/quote]
Zelda Gamekit (my project)

Example capxs:

Zelda-Style Inventory

Zelda Health

3-saveslot system

[url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4396pwak0oh7q6/ZeldaDialogueSystem.capx?dl=0]Zelda-like Dialogue[
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