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Heya guys,

really excited about this one but it's really early days still but now would be a great time for some initial feedback on the concept and let you guys suggest any similar games I can draw inspiration from (Already including GTA1,FTL,Freelancer)

Some screen snips:




Testing cutscenes and docking:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwtTtTf ... e=youtu.be

Testing fog of war:


Testing waypointer (arrow) and EVA:


The short of it is:

A space (rpg?)adventure narrated by Hanks speech throughout the game. Some bad stuff goes down and he's lead into a wormhole into a solar system with much more alien activity than ours. He proceeds his journey using different shuttles he can buy as he progress to navigate between space stations, space anomalies and the like, talking, trading, killing and dodging his way through the story line.

I plan to have some very simplistic mechanics in the hopes to reduce the time to deliver this, so trading will be there but very simple, and so will things like being attacked by pirates or being a pirate yourself.

I would like to hear peoples thoughts on anything they want but also in particular the items I would like some feedback on are the background, and ideas for something that isn't photo-realistic but still look spacey. It would be great also to get some feedback on the UI elements such as speech bubbles and the HUDs style at the bottom left before i build out the entire GUI.

As you can tell its a development lead game i.e. my pixel art is weak; so I'm looking for realistic feedback about changes and solutions to the age old problem of sourcing graphics
Stuff I'm working on:

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