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Post » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:24 pm

Hi everyone,
with many many many hours of fly with Construct 2, I basically have absolutely no problems with it !
All I can speak about, is a couple of little points that are somehow time consuming and could be easly fixed ... or maybe there's things I don't get ? Thanks to anyone who can help to figure out :-)

Tabs positions :
I love to split screen and stack layout tabs at left, event sheets at right.
For some reason, when I close / open a project, tabs are saved (sheets and layout open), but the split window has reset. So I need to place again all my tabs each time I open the project ...
Same issue if I want to use layout on screen 1, sheets on screen 2

Open layouts with event sheets :

There's only 1 way to reach your layout and sheets : the Project Bar.
So, in order to open a couple layout / event sheet, each time we have to scroll down, find it, then scroll up, find it.
A simple button on the Layout property : "open my event sheet" would save sooooo much time !

That's all !
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