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Post » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:29 am

[size=150:1zw32j7v][u:1zw32j7v]What it does[/u:1zw32j7v][/size:1zw32j7v]

What can be done with Disk.fx? Well, this:
[quote="newt":1zw32j7v]Heck if we had a radial gradient you could even do a Warner Bros. title screen.[/quote:1zw32j7v][size=75:1zw32j7v]Original[/size:1zw32j7v]
Ok, sort of, but at least I try :mrgreen:

The boring basic explanation is, Disk allows you to focus on a part of an object using an oval shape by darkening everything outside the shape.

Disk takes care of transparencies and semi-transparencies and offers a set of parameters to suit your needs.

Two useful .cap-files, not only showing the effect in action, but letting you tweak a bit also to get a first impression of the capabilities, are provided.

One limitation: Unfortunately, the important values of pixelWidth and pixelHeight are always passed incorrect to an effect (at least on my system). So there is no chance to take care of the aspect ratio. In other words, you will only get a perfect circle, if the object the effect is attached to is of a square size. I first thought about letting you pass the aspect ratio manually, but I rather decided to do an update when the bug is corrected.

[size=150:1zw32j7v][u:1zw32j7v]How to use it[/u:1zw32j7v][/size:1zw32j7v]

Defines the size of the shape in percentage of the object's size.[/*:m:1zw32j7v]
[*:1zw32j7v]Horizontal Center
Defines the horizontal position of the shape in percentage of the object's width.[/*:m:1zw32j7v]
[*:1zw32j7v]Vertical Center
Defines the vertical position of the shape in percentage of the object's height.[/*:m:1zw32j7v]
[*:1zw32j7v]Smooth Border
Defines the smoothness of the shape's border (0% = sharp, 100% = gradient to the center).[/*:m:1zw32j7v]
Defines, how much the area outside the shape is darkened (0% = White, 100% = Black).[/*:m:1zw32j7v]
Defines the opacity of the darkening color (0% = Transparent, 100% = Opaque).[/*:m:1zw32j7v]
[*:1zw32j7v]Replace Content
*Handle with care* A simple switch (0 = Off, anything else = On). Almost always you don't need Replace Content. But in certain situations it can be useful. For example, if you want to use a Tiled Background as a layer effect (TB uses less VRAM than Canvas), you can setup a very small empty image in the TB and then activate Replace Content. It will then draw its own image with a 100% transparent shape and a darkened outside area. In the car.cap Replace Content is used on a Canvas to create a subtle dust effect.[/*:1zw32j7v][/list:o:1zw32j7v]

Download and place Disk.fx in the effects folder.

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Post » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:53 am

Cool, should make for some nice little transitions.
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Post » Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:42 pm

funny, I did that but set the ratio to be a percent of the object's size. Found out that bounding box changes when the object is rotated (to contain it) and just left it there.
Pixel height and width worked fine for me though and I could define the disk using them. It just didn't match the object size sometimes and I figured it would be hard to use.

And the funniest thing is that I called it Disk too. It's always centered though, so yours is more complete. Cheers!
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Post » Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:01 pm

Looks goods!
I started a new section on the Master Plugins List for effects.
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