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Post » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:08 am

Hello folks,

A while back I put my Board Horde game up on Gamejolt, and discovered that none of the touchscreen functions work anymore when testing on several iOS devices (ipad 3, ipad mini and iPod touch). However, the Clay.io version works perfectly fine on tablet devices and is exactly the same.

Anyway, I thought little of it until recently a vast quantity of the Touchjam games stopped working on mobile devices on Newgrounds, including mine which had been functioning just fine until last week. After a bit of communication with Tom Fulp it turned out the reason for this is they recently changed the games from displaying in 'full screen' to 'embed' (if you have a game on Newgrounds then don't panic - they'll be fixing the problem soon).

I tried various methods to get my game working, including using the 'export for embedded sites' option, disabling iOS retina, disabling webgl, checking it doesn't lose focus etc, but nothing worked (sometimes the touch would only work for the top two thirds of the screen) It must be possible for games to still work properly when embedded, as two of the top ten Newgrounds competition entries still worked ok (Magnetized and Help The Dodo).

So if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the chances of games working on touchscreen devices when embedded on Gamejolt or Newgrounds, it would be hugely appreciated (hopefully I've missed something simple, but the fact that so many of the Touchjam games now don't work seems to imply a lot of people are in the same boat as me).

Here's the links to the games (which should work fine on desktop) if anyone fancies testing them:


Many thanks!
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