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Post » Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:14 pm

Hello, can anyone help me please?
I have a game in Arcade Scirra and now I'm trying to put another and it will not.
From this error here: "Zip file contains extensions not on the whitelist"
I tried to find something in the forum and nothing, just ask to see the manual!
I've watched so much that I got up medal, and saw nothing different from what I'm doing!
The game is 800x600, 3.6 MB and I have nothing that is not on the list.
I have the license and construct2-R119.
Desktop it compiles and runs now only compiles for the arcade at the time of upload error in this Zip.
Someone help me please!
I'm not using third-party plugins! I nei know how to install it!
I simply downloaded the R119 and now the error in the upload!
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