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Post » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:12 pm

Hello, I'm testing my game on coconjs and I get a lot of errors I do not understand, also in the level display the fps are very low around 26fps and 61fps in the menu, it may be for the mistakes that I will discuss now?

Errors: total 6: javascript exception (line 1752 Tag "OnActivated") TypeError "undefined is not a function (evaluatin" b.vo (p) ') and copy it with "onsuspended"

Warnings: total 4: Not Implemented document addEventListener: menubotton and another

Typically have 0 errors and 0 warning not? I worked hard on my application and gave me a downer: (

Then go super fast layouts, I have to put a transition from layout to layout?

Thanks for everything :)
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