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Post » Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:03 pm

Message: SecondaryTesla can only post plain text URLS until they have 500 rep. 4 URLS modified. Why?
As it says in the error details, the problem is the website requires RC4 cipher, which is no longer considered secure.

Per the following references, in 2016 all of Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge browsers will be dropping support for any websites still accepting old, insecure RC4 cipher: ... es_91.html ... VfCywocUO8 ... ?id=375342

You can help by providing these details to the problem website owners/administrators. They will need to fix their website to remove RC4 cipher from being accepted.

Chrome may be one of the earliest browsers to drop RC4 support when next upcoming Chrome 48 is released probably around Feb. 2016.
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