Event numbers messed up + problem navigating actions

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Post » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:11 am

This bug happend in the same project as this one.

1. Steps to reproduce
I haven't been able to reproduce the bug. However, I opened this C2 capx file into C3 and added events to it.

2. Observed results
I noticed something was wrong because I had to press the up arrow 4 times when an action was selected to be able to access the action just above it (but in another event).
Then I noticed the event numbers where messed up.

After that I continued to add and copy paste events to see what would happen.


As you can see, it didn't go quite better...


From this file, I can press the up arrow to highlight actions up to the action numbered 7. Then I have to press the up arrow 4 times to highlight the action numbered 6 (set canvas to 0x0). Note that the highlight disappear and only reappears on the 4th press.
Then I still have to press the up arrow 2 times to select the action just above it (-> Sprite: Set effect "SetColor" parameter 2 to 255). Again the highlight disappear on the first press and reappear on the second.

When browsing the actions pressing the down arrow, the same happens. I have to press the down arrow twice to go to the event numbered 6 action, and 4 times to go to the action below.

When highlighting complete events, the behavior is normal (one press to go to the event above or below)
When highlighting conditions, at the same two places, I need to press up or down twice (never 4 times).

After that I moved the events to try to put the number in the correct order and it worked. But it's always like there is 3 ghost action BELOW event numbered 6, and 1 below event numbered 1 in the last image.

3. expected result
I should be able to browse actions and conditions normally. Events should be correctly numbered.

4. C3P file
This is the basic C2 capx file I opened and which caused troubles. However I haven't been able to reproduce the bug.
Here is the C3P bugged file, but from what I've seen, opening it restores everything to normal.
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Post » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:44 pm

I opened the project, and since there aren't any repro steps, I just copied and pasted and dragged a few things round. It seemed fine, the events always numbered correctly. Closing as can't reproduce - please file again on the new GitHub tracker if you can narrow it down.
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