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Post » Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:36 am

Well, when I needed a surgery and after that the music contest came, this event was put on hold. I really wanted to continue as soon as I have the time again.
But to be honest, I lost faith in this community. Not everyone has changed, some still live the spirit of the old days, and that's wonderful. However, seeing that strange arrogance (e.g. a competition has to be held by a company to take it serious, a competition without money-related prices get ignored, etc.) frustrated me to a point, where I decided to stop the event.
Yes, I'm sad. I worked for weeks, several hours a day to provide you with fine music and sound assets for this competition. The plan was, that the community would be asked by Pirin himself to help him. He had all those sound artefacts, that were stored in the strange crystals. But a scientist can only analyse those sounds. What was really needed were game designers. Those people who have the imagination to fill the sound artifacts with life, thus showing the world what might have happened a long time ago on a far, far planet.
I really thought it would get attention and that such a challenge would be taken by any game designer. But in fact, let's face it, I would have been lucky if two or three people would have participated.

The sounds and music are there, so I offer them here as a 30 MB rar package. Use the content as you like. It features 8 music loops (that can be combined or sequenced) and over 50 sound effects, all in the context of something that happened on a far away planet. You can read the files as follows:


aaa can have the following letters: mus for music, sfx for sound effect
bb is a running number (01, 02, etc.)
c is a letter starting from a (a, b, c, d, etc.) If c is present, it means a variation of the same number without c. Example: sfx_03a.wav is the first variation of sfx_03.wav
dd will read 'lp' and is only present, if the sound file is meant to be played looped. But that's up to you.

Have fun with the files, but leave a thank you. I'm serious. I want to know who's downloading them, find them useful, helpful, will use them, etc. It will show me how welcome such a present is in the community.

Thanks for reading!

Download: The_Pirin_Incident.rar
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Post » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:05 am

Hey tulamide,

Hope you're feeling well again :)

Sad to hear that you've decided to cancel the event, it certainly sounded like an interesting story. Perhaps you could use what you've written for a game of your own instead, seems a shame to let your hard work go to waste.

I'm not sure I would've participated, simply because I've never been too good at Game Jams. I like to put lots of time and thought into getting my work just right, which doesn't usually mix well with the time limits most events have ;) Still, the concept was a really exciting one, and it would've been fun to see what people might have come up with!

I've downloaded and listened to your Pirin tracks, and once again they're really good! I don't have a project to use them in at the moment, but I'm sure they'll come in handy some day, so thank you :)

I hope that's not the last we see of you around the forum, I'm sure things will pick up again sometime ;)
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