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The examples marked with with a green dot •
means you will be redirected to the old forum.
You can't post anymore on that forum but all the files are still available.

News tutorials using this new forum will be marked with a red dot •

If an example isn't working anymore (broken, file missing or anything)
please just report in this thread.
That way this section will stay clear with only working examples.


Sidenote : I'm only adding examples above the last edit time of this topic, i'm not checking olders/updated pages anymore.
Post here if you want something to be changed

Additional links :

• Tutorial requests By deadeye
• Effects addons (including screenshots) By Yann
• Plug-ins addons By Yann


• sticking objects example, katamari style By Arima
• Spawn multiple objects in different directions By deadeye
• Global objects example By Mipey
• Freaky Bouncy Balls By Mipey
• Rotating opening door By Rich
• Orbiting one object around another By GMG
• Rocket By tulamide
• Gravity Example By DravenX
• Motion Blur / Trail via Plasma Object By David
• Blocks, gravity, and suspended objects By David
• For each ordered By Rich
• Collision Offset - Boringly simple example By David
• Missile Trail example By deadeye
• Instant-hit laser By Ashley
• Soft Bodied objects By QuaziGNRLnose
• Object Pairer By David
• Enemies in scroll-shooter (chain of actions) By Noga
• For newbs. Tutorial about setting the angle By andla
• Life Simulation with RTS Behaviour By GameForger


• Lighthouse example By DravenX
• Dynamic shadow casting By Ashley
• Dynamic Lightning (Wink tutorial) By David
• Faked Shadow Example By DravenX
• Planet, moon and shadows! By Mipey
• FOV engine By R0J0hound
• Shadow Lights & Fire By deadeye
• Flashlight effect using fx files By DravenX


• Simple Isometric Movement By deadeye
• Trace Movement By David
• Mouse Movement with Speed and Smoothing Control By QuaziGNRLnose
• isometric slope test and 2.5D platforming test By toralord
• Basic WallClimb Example By DravenX
• RTS Movement By Tube
• Aim AI: predictive aiming By Ashley
• Crosshair changing due to accuracy and range By Doppel
• Jump Sustain Example By Viewtfiul
• Custom Platform Movement By Kayin
• "NiAt" Advanced Custom platform movement engine! By Attan
• Rocketjumping platform engine example. By marky_2
• Simple Double Jump By Kr!s
• Basic Platformer AI By abhilash2863
• Platformer with edgeclimbing / hanging By Ize
• Prince of persia movement By amiltonbr


• Isometric pathfinding example By Arima
• Grid based pathfinding using RTS behaviour By mrwombat
• AI grid Pathfinding with obstacles By toralord
• Simple Path Following By Jayjay
• A* Pathfinding with nodes example. By R0j0hound
• How to move units in formation By Arima
• AI Grid Movement By mrtraud NEW
• Hexagonal Pathfinding By Arima NEW


• Warping example By R0J0hound
• Zelda Scrolling By kayin
• Scrolling Demo By Mipey
• IWBTG Stlye Scrolling By Jayjay
• Defender Style Level Scrolling By deadeye
• Side-Scrolling Fighter Example By UberLou


• Weird idea for inking scans By David
• Draw Example By DravenX
• Old Paint example By patryk1303 / hkg.mahwa
• RGB Color-Picker By chrisbrobs NEW
• 3D model texutre maker By chrisbrobs NEW


• Oil Spillage By DravenX
• Custom collision mask test By patryk1303
• Physics Stress Test By David
• Simple Distance Based Physics By Aritz
• Iso Projectile physics By Bartosh
• Physics engine By nEIMaHH
• Physics objects go swimming! By Mort
• Physics explosion + impact By dcrew NEW
• Cannon ball and physics By Noga NEW
• Verlet Physics example By QuaziGNRLnose NEW


• Skybox By David
• 3D Space Flight By Yarfapet
• 3D Shooting By QuaziGNRLnose
• 3d wolfenstein-ish engine By David
• 3D lightning + 3D verlet By QuaziGNRLnose
• 3D Vertex rotation By Linkman2004
• 3d movement with collisions By David
• [URL=" rel="nofollow]David's 3d maze [fixed for 0.99.84][/URL] By R0J0hound
• 3D Bouncing Ball By Yarfapet
• 3D-ish Snowflake By newt
• 3D Tank sim (cap) update 26/4/11 By chrisbrobs
• Z Elevation Magic Example By DravenX
• 3d engine By kolbooc
• Construct Classic doom MD2 model By DravenX
• 3D cacodemon From Doom By DravenX
• 3D Models\Obect examples. By chrisbrobs
• 3D object collision example By chrisbrobs
• Blowing up 3D boxes. By chrisbrobs
• 3D Platform game example(test) By chrisbrobs
• Star wars Deathstar (Obj model) By chrisbrobs
• Sc-fi tunnel effect using 3dbox By chrisbrobs
• Voxel Engine By Satelita NEW
• Turning a 3D Box into Water By spacewarguy NEW
• 3D object bumpmapping By spacewarguy NEW

• Inventory Example By David
• Health bars By Rich
• RPG Battle Menus By PixelRebirth
• Scrollbars example By madster
• Very simple main menu example By patryk1303
• Level Up ! system By thoughtzone
• Custom UI Elements (aka The Buttons Tutorial) By deadeye
• JRPG Inventory By PixelRebirth
• Health bar on top of player By Darius
• Change of 10000 PV By BROO
• Balloon tip/ speech bubble By newt
• array @pv By newt
• Basic Main Menu Creation Tutorial By Ch_Softblow
• Grungy Menu Thingy By TomoAlien
• Custom Edit Box By linkman2004
• Simple Inventory By Urled
• Fullscreen while keeping aspect ratio with bars By Ashley


• Split Screen Concept By David
• Ease in out camera script By R0j0hound
• (Rotating around) By deadeye
• Platformer Camera By Aeal5566
• AZE - Auto Zoom Engine By tulamide
• MagiCam Plugin - v1.43 BETA By linkman2004
• Character and camera focus By Chochi
• "Look Ahead" camera movement By wgrace
• Character and camera focus By Chochi
• 3D Python Camera By Yarfapet NEW


• Polygonal Mesh Terrain By deadeye
• Destructible terrain By Ashley
• Random "Cave" Generator - Cellular Automata By SoldjahBoy
• Map Editor using Array By pulowski
• I herd you like map editors By newt
• Deformable Terrain By dkdoom
• Terrain in text mode (perlin Noise) By Mipey
• Auto Tiling Level Editor By Minor
• Roguelike dungeon generator By Silent Cacophony
• Random terrain via Midpoint Displacement By Intrepid
• Basic Cave/Dungeon Generator By Minor
• Layer Masks Terrain Creation By GameForger
• Yet another terrain generator... By spacewarguy
• Procedural Generation (for begginners) By abhilash2863 NEW


• Simple inventory using .ini file By thoughtzone
• Simple use of an .ini file By ZOMGBananas
• INI protection By Minor
• INI Level Loader for SuperV By Jayjay
• INI Protection with CRC32 By Minor
• Simple INI Example By mogey


• Awesome Grass - using no events! By David
• Teaching sin behavior (Interactive Cap Tutorial) By David
• Quazi's Tuts: Part 1: The 2 Armed IK Solver By QuaziGNRLnose
• Sword Bone Timeline example By desmonaut
• Bone Movement Behavior example By Rich
• Ik chain example By QuaziGNRLnose
• Animation using Texture Coordinates & Tile Texture By dkdoom
• 2d Character creation engine By lucid
• SubAnimations By manontherun
• SackBoy Character using Bone movement. By chrisbrobs
• Zombie animation using bones. By chrisbrobs
• Rayman(esk) Platform example using bones By newt
• ragdoll example By clodius666
• Street Fighter with Bone Movement By GameForger
• Bone Movement (Rayman style) By GameForger
• Anbu Character with Bone Behavior By chrisbrobs NEW


• Custom Parallaxing By David
• Using Skew to make streetfighter floors By David
• Bumpmapping example By Ashley
• Inherrit Layer Example By David
• Using layer zoom for puesdo 3d By David
• Perspective drawer By QuaziGNRLnose
• Mode7ish(fake3d) flying example By newt
• 3D Stars Scrolling By Crystal
• Shiny Rock By David
• Multilayer Parallax By planerunner
• Fake BumpMapping By Linkman2004
• Freaky 3D Optical Illusion By DravenX
• 3Dish Fire Effect By spacewarguy
• Scrolling floor example. By chrisbrobs
• Fake Z direction effect (amended) By chrisbrobs


• Lava! (based on blober By Quazi!) By SoldjahBoy
• Particle effects By Ashley
• Stylized Fire using Particles By strike911
• Snow that works well with moving camera By Attan
• Particle example: Rain and snow By Mipey
• Since everyone likes explosions By SoldjahBoy
• Pwetty Waterfall of colours By David
• Flame / Abstract Simulator thing (ZIP file) By David
• Plasma Display Options By David
• Particle Based Waterfall By Mort
• Particle testing / creating tool By chrisbrobs
• Snow Effect with 1 particle By chrisbrobs
• Camp fire effect using 4 Particle objects 99.96 By chrisbrobs
• Stargate Portal By DravenX


• Scrolling Text Demo By desmonaut
• Using Tiled Background for Image fonts By R0j0hound
• Display text character By character with bitmap font By PixelRebirth
• How to: dialogue By Rich
• Timeline example for game dialogue By David
• Text Input field alternative By Mipey


• Electricity Effect By David
• Big Smoke Effect By AsparagusTrevor
• Sea and Sun effect By DravenX
• Fur effect demo By BenH
• Reflection Rendering By David
• Skew (0.95) By Ashley
• Rain example By karshinkoff
• Playing with plasma and stuff By zenman
• Simple Day & Night System By Namelezz
• Sun Bloom effect By David
• Contrast Plus By jeffro11
• Perlin Noise w/o Plugin By newt
• Permanent Blood Stains (Overhead View) By Yarfapet
• Sun Eclipse Example By DravenX
• Blob Effect By QuaziGNRLnose
• Moon surface effect By Aphex
• PageRoll By newt
• FakeMotionBlur By David
• Make Layers Fade In and Out at the Press of a Button By Disposable Ninja
• Godray aka Zoomblur Effect By DravenX
• Lighting Effects Using Zoomblur By DravenX
• psychedelic pattern generator By chrisbrobs
• Rough seas effect (mesh distort) By chrisbrobs
• A Bleeding Wall Effect Using Plasma Object By DravenX
• 3D Scrolling Sky(sci-fi effect) By chrisbrobs
• Distort Map examples By chrisbrobs
• Plasma School By GameForger
• Heat Haze / Gas effect example By Vagnok
• Scrolling Tiled Animated Distortmap By newt


• Watching grass grow By David
• Canvas example By Mipey
• Kinda sorta 2 1/2 D... By Caspis Sinclair
• WORM! By QuaziGNRLnose
• Tutorial: Online Multiplayer with PodSixNet By scidave
• trigger when competely covered By manontherun
• Container Example - Give every Sprite a hash table! By David
• Trigonometry for Gamers By victrium
• Smash Brothers Damage System By Jayjay
• Eye thing that follows mouse By David
• A simple height map mesh engine By newt
• True Pixel-Friendly Screen Scaling By Davioware
• Tutorial: Dynamic Scaling By chaosmaster
• exporting frames via events By newt
• Mesh Distort By David
• Realistic Water By R0J0hound
• Variables, Arrays, Hash Tables - An Overview By tulamide
• procedurally generated slime By newt
• AdvancedTimeDelta By Ashley
• Generated water caustics By newt
• Polygon Creation By SuperV
• Inverse kinematic walker By QuaziGNRLnose
• Timer Behavior By Rich
• TimeScaling & Rotation Behavior By newt
• Reflecting Collisions By Mort
• Using noise to hide tiling By Mort
• Small video tutorial: How to play sound. By andla
• Basic Tutorials(Part1) By DravenX
• what is lerp ?(2 minute tutorial for the non-math people) By lucid
• Top Down Shooter AI Video Tutorial By gamingwolf13
• Level loader using Image Manipulator By Minor
• Using Construct to cut tilesets into individual images By Mipey
• Oil Rise And Drain Example By DravenX
• Simple Thumbnail image viewer By chrisbrobs
• Audiere plugin example By Noga
• Sprite String By newt
• Short film / screensaver thing made with construct By chrisbrobs
• Bump Fan Music Visualizer Example By DravenX
• Switch Example By Mipey
• SAVE WITH 3 SLOT By amiltonbr
• CommonDialog: Selecting multiple files By tulamide
• [URL=http://www.scirra.com/forum/window-example-custom_topic43803.html" title="Game maker]Window Example [Custom][/URL] By Stalker247
• XAudio2 - Peak and RMS By tulamide
• Simple chain example By alessandroLino
• [URL=http://www.scirra.com/forum/procedural-generation-for-beginnerspdf_topic43387.html" title="Game maker]Procedural Generation for beginners[PDF][/URL] By abhilash2863
• Russian Roulette By amiltonbr
• How to secure your game assets By The_Funny_Guy
• Sprite String By newt
• Array By KapitanSBU NEW
• Urled construct tuts By Urled NEW
• Audio player + playlist By tulamide NEW
• Random number with gradation By shadowlord NEW
• CommonDialog - Selecting multiple files By tulamide NEW


• Mode 7 Mario Cart By QuaziGNRLnose
• Tower defense game so far By Rich
• Simple Strategy Game Exemple By acegi
• Platform Example (Dectector, Animations and Music) By midnight
• Dave's 3D Maze By Yarfapet
• Very simple Arkanoid example By patryk1303
• Busta Ball By midnight
• Tetris Clone By Mipey
• Almost a Game with no events By procrastinator
• KickUp Game By Doppel
• SoldjahwarZ By David
• Almost Insane Software's Tutorial Mashup By Granhunter101
• DravenX Examples By DravenX
• RTS : Building different units example By DravenX
• Dojem By procrastinator
• A basic Puzzle example By PixelRebirth
• Boxing game tutorial 1 (using bone behaviour) By chrisbrobs
• Top Down Combat AI By spacewarguy NEW
• Mortal Kombat game with Ennemy AI By chrisbrobs NEW


• Tutorial: Mikey's Adventure By scidave
• Ghost Shooter tutorial - intro to Construct By Ashley
• Tutorial Fighter By UberLou
• Tutorial: Platform School By deadeye
• Vertical Shooter Tutorial Series By abhilash2863
• Construct user manual By chrisbrobs
• Platform School By darklad


• Ninja Title Screen Effect By David
• Construct does art! By David / Ashley
• Using PhotoShop to make realistic 3d terrrain By irbis
• Platformer Art By David
• Creating simple assets in Photoshop By pyteo
• Short film / screensaver thing By chrisbrobs
• Tile texure maker By chrisbrobs
• Simple Image Editor Tutorial By GameForger


• Python - A quick look By David
• Popup menus via python. By R0j0hound
• Interactive Python Shell in Construct By Silent Cacophony
• Python External Libraries w/ AI, Speech By scidave
• Ways to play videos via python By R0j0hound
• Why python is awesome (a simple 3d rotation example) By lucid
• get python picking plugin for 99.5/99.6/99.72 here By lucid
• 8 way Movement using Python By DravenX
• Menu bar via python By R0J0hound


• 3dobject help
• Writing Effects Tutorial
• VRAM & Pow 2 Textures
• 3d Object Rotation
• Paralax Scrolling
• how use a 3d object ? (not box !)
• Layouts order issue
• Saving Level data in an Array
• Melee Weapons and Collision
• (Light & Mask effect problem)
• How to make a flashlight effect
• Changing particle texture
• Collapse Game Experiment
• Walk Animation not playing
• Drag & Drop NEW
• Sprite organizer and you NEW
• Construct game development Guide NEW


• No event effects By David
• Another Dynamic Light Example By David
• Flamethrower Effect By linkman2004
• Very simple waterfall By 2DManiac
• Night Vision Example By Doppel
• obj file loader By R0J0hound
• Perfect 1:1 Window Scaling - Retro/Pixel Game Must-Have By greyspotJamesx2012-08-08 23:14:43
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Post » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:01 am

Nice work, great to have them all in one list :D

my first contribution:

Map Editor using Array
A simple map editor that generates random two-tile maps, lets you edit them, then save/load them from .map files.
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Post » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:20 pm

finaly someone made this!
kudos and thank you!
this thread should be sitcked to not sink under new topics.
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Post » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:28 pm

I'll have to check out that scrolling text demo to see how it was done. I made scrolling text for text that repeats endlessly by just using the Bullet behavior, and then using the "Is outside layout" event and "System create object" action on that event. It works perfectly.
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This list is fantastic. Too bad you had to remove the pictures... maybe we can add the pictures back and get this list on the wiki?
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Glad you like it :wink:

ps. Added 21 more links

As for the wiki, why not if it's possible to make tables
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Post » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:54 pm

Thank you, it's very useful. Hours of reading ahead...
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Post » Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:43 pm

You sir, deserve an honor! :wink: Thanks for this!
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Awesome list! Thanks :D

Mods should sticky this ASAP
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I second the sticky idea, this is really helpful! Thank you!
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