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Seem's to run fairly well, and my game which isn't close to completion is running 20fps on any ios device that wasn't mentioned above yet getting 60fps on an iphone5. So I don't think I will have issues with users of newer devices, but I don't want to just exclude older devices, which really aren't that old. Did your game utilize sound effects or music? I feel those are necesserary to a complete game, but from what I've learned so far you are unable to use more than one, yes one, audio clip unless you are on the newer ios devices. Is there a workaround or something to this?[/QUOTE]

If you use CocoonJS you can have multichannel sound without workarounds or tricks.

I've built about 42 events and I've only accomplished about a quarter of the controls. I could probably cut it down by 15 once I remove the mouse/keyboard controls but still... I feel it would only be related to the constant events or ones in action than all of them...[/QUOTE]

The game you've seen has currently 800+ events... so don't worry about events number. Performance is not related to the number of events you use in your game. It's more related to how do you use those events. Avoid unnecessary collision checkings and loops running every tick and your game should run fine.
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Good info, thanks!
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