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Hi all!

Straight to the point:

Im trying to wrap my head around the logic involving a sequence of explosions, which is actually just one explosion that expands in blocks. Imagine a center block that upon explosion, expands around that center. Since its going to be.. well, blocky(but not restricted to any kind of grid, mind),there will be 8 blocks surrounding the center and so forth, up until say, 3 counts, to keep it simple, which would result in 48 "explosion" blocks created in succession around the center. In other words, much like the explosion in good old Bomberman, but expanding in all 8 directions.

Sidenote: i also plan on adding a simple dynamic behavior in the explosion. For example, if one explosion block direction collides with unbreakable wall, it changes direction and continues until its count value is up.

NOW, i really have no idea how to create this kind of sequence honestly (well i do, but my own method would be highly ineffective and a resource hog consisting of a lot of different sprites) and i would like to ask all/any of your help in this from the ground up.

Any hints and suggestions are welcome. Also, sorry if my grammar sucked, i tried to explain as well as i could, if youre having trouble understanding what im getting at, i could post a few example pics of this later.

Anyway, thanks for reading!
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