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Post » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:12 pm

So I accidentally exported a game with controls that didn't work, i didn't realize this until it was uploaded. It's just broken controls right? No,well yes, but now my main problem is when i export and upload (I did this 5-10 times making sure it was the right file) and it kept exporting an older version of the game without working controls. By the way it is a mobile game and it worked in the preview and i was able to shoot when it uploaded.
I really need some help with this I'm a beginner and my game really needs that update. I got no error messages

Here is the capx file: https://games.scirra.net/games/9048/files/game.capx if you use the preview you will see that the buttons work bit they don't work after uploading (and yes i'm aware my lives system isn't working)
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