Fangame Touhou:Dual Personality [Demo]

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Post » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:06 am

The demo version of the full game is almost complete (just lacks music)

its a fangame of the popular touhou series, a serie of Bullet hell Shooter (Imagine like space invaders with 10x the amound of enemies and bullets) , made by a single developer known as ZUN.
More information about the series in the follwing link

Touhou:Dual Personality uses the polarity system from the game ikaruga. You can switch your characters color and if your color matches with the color of the bullets, they cant hurt you and even give you energy for your special attack.

The game uses the canvas plugin made by R0J0hound, therefore I cannot upload it to the scirra arcade.
you can see some screenshots of the game at the following link

Instead I comprimated it to a rar file and uploaded it on MediaFire
You can download the game it at the following link.

The Controls ar as follwing

Arrow Keys==Move
X==Switch color
C==Special attack
left Shift==Focus mode(move slower)

Of course, the controls are remappable in the options menu.

Feedback appreciated!
Thanks and have fun!
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