Feature Request: Add "Clear All Tile" button to Tile Editor

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Post » Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:00 am

Hi, working on Platformer Game here.

Using Tile Editor.

Excellent Tool.

Except everytime, for a new level, when I drag out the tile object unto the stage, for some magical reasons, it will be loaded with the Tile patterns of the last usage, and in this case it means the previous level.

As each level is collaboratively designed, there is a huge amount of tiles to have to be "cleared" and I have to slowly right click and ease the Tile Map manually.

Question One: Why does bringing the Tile map into the stage brings with it whatever was being laid out before ? Is this a feature ? Did someone actually requested this ?

Question Two: If this have to be the case because everyone else LOVES to see their previous level design when they are making a new level, can we at least have a "clear all tiles in the tile object" button ?
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