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After a issue and a mistake, I lost about 2 hours of work doing very well placed on a player sprite, to meet all the requirements I wanted.

What Happened:
Part of the problem whas this issue: https://www.scirra.com/forum/r124-apply-points-to-all-the-frames_topic66125.html

The feature request:
Would be great to have an undo button inside the image editor, but I know, this is on the to do list;

While it don't come out, another feature would be nice: The exclude image point of all the frames and/or animations;

Yes, if you make a image point plus that amount you needed and apply it to all the frames, or, changed your mind about a point, you'll need to delete this image point one by one in every sprite/animation where it was replicated.

With a similar feature of that to apply, if you have the feature to delete a deserved point would be great, so, you just put the "NAME" or the point index inside a field and it help you to make the repetitive job without mistakes...

Thank you, and I hope this idea get some efforts.
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