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Post » Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:33 pm

Ashley wrote:I never thought anyone would export regularly, you do all your testing from C2's preview mode then you export once for publishing, right?

Well there's also exporting to share with teammates who aren't going to blow $130 on a license just to play / test the game they're working on...same for sharing with friends.

Also there are sometimes discrepancies between preview and exported builds (95% of the time it's 3rd party plugins...) so it's good to test them out every now and then.
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Post » Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:28 pm

[UPDATED] How To: Export To Windows 32bit Only:
I've decided to update this post and provide a better way to do this without any error messages.
If you want to export to Windows 32bit only, feel free to do the following:
  1. Go to your "NWjsForC2" Source Folder (C:\Program Files\NWjsForC2)
  2. Completely remove the "linux32" and "linux64" folders
  3. Delete the content of the Win64 folder (don't delete the folder itself!)
  4. Delete almost everything inside "osx64\Contents" (keep the "Info.plist" file!)
  5. Now the packaging process while exporting your game should be a lot quicker.
There is one downside of the method though, C2 will still create folders and paste your package.nw file inside them. However, those folders don't contain any NW.js source files which brings down the total size by over 200mb. All we can do is hope that C3 will bring noticeable improvements to desktop exporting and provide us a way to select the exporting platform.

Thanks and HERE is a link to my NW.js roundup, there you can find bugfixing help or learn more about custom features. ;)
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