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Post » Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:36 pm

Currently it is a bit of a pain to navigate in the layout window due to the amount of unnecessary pan and zoom required.
It would make work flow much easier and quicker (in the layout window) (and less lightly to induce RSI)  if
1) mouse wheel would zoom directly (without the need to hold control) and
2) that zooming would zoom in on the cursor position (rather than the centre)
You don't need  mouse wheel to scroll up/dn (which it currently does) we already have middle hold panning for that so it could be reassigned for zoom.
Direct mouse wheel zoom on curser is common in the best industrial 3D CAD applications (which I use on a daily basis for work), it can massively increase work flow and would make C2 layouts much more pleasant to use.

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