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I have found it very beneficial to have a single event sheet with just one big comment where I make notes on the game as I progress.
This is in addition to in line comments.

This note sheet might contain anything from reminding myself why I did things a certain way or to do things a specific way; to instructions for myself to complete certain operations. Eg in my case I made a system to draw a curve in the game then export it / import it back into the game as json. But as it can be weeks between doing this operation and working on other stuff I tend to forget what the hell I was doing all those weeks ago. It also would be beneficial to have a sheet of notes if you needed to pass the capx file to others to use.

I know I could do this elsewhere in a different format but it is very convenient to have it within the tool attached the relevant capx file.

It kind of works ok doing it just using a big comment but the comment feature wasn’t designed for this sort of use eg you have to shift enter to get a new line.

So yea, a request to have a simple text notes tab attached to a capx file. like an event sheet but not. Orrrr……Perhaps going too far, but something like an MS OneNote tab with ability to include links and pictures etc. Just an Idea (you can file under “nice to have”). Cheers
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