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Post » Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:07 pm

At this moment when using an "or" block in the event sheet, it is possible to specify only 1 condition before it is seperated by the "or" statement.
So If I have 3 IF's in an event, and add an "or" all three are seperated automatically moving each IF into a different "group" followed by or, which can be really annoying.

Its not possible to have little groups of IF's and select manually which IF's are divided by the "or" statements. This produces problems when I want to use an ELSE IF statement when using the "or blocks", and need to end with an ELSE statement. The problem is when I have 2 more events/conditions with 3 or more IF statements, then its not possible to introduce one Else IF, but two need to be ELSE statements which renders one of them not functional.

So to present what I mean more visually:

What I would like:

IF x=z
IF x=b
IF x=c

What I am getting automatically:

IF x=z
IF x=b
IF x=c

Now the above example is just for example sakes and doesnt reflect the exact IF statemets I have, which cannot be solved any other simpler way than using the or block with robust function implemented. I end up having to work my way in circles to try and solve this issue through additional variables and the likes.

If its not possible to pick manually which IF statements should be divided by "or" statements, I strongly believe it should be as this feature would help tons when implemented.
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