Feature Request - Overlapping/Collisions for TiledBackground

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Post » Wed May 21, 2014 7:35 pm

So this one is simple but it really bothers me.

For TiledBackground objects you can:
  • Assign it a Solid behaviour so other objects won't go through it.
  • You can check if a Sprite object is colliding with or overlapping a tiled background.
But you cannot:
  • Check if it has collided with another object
  • Check if it is overlapping another object, not even another TiledBackground.

I'm fine if there is a reason you cannot edit the collision polygon, leaving it permanently to be a rectangle, however it's more consistent and gives the object more use if you to have the ability to check if a TiledBackground is overlapping/colliding with another object, including another TiledBackground.
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