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Show us your completed creations made in Construct 2

Post » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:58 pm

First post here!
After a couple of weeks fooling around with C2 I've build something I'd like to share. It's not a game, more of a promotional app/thingy for my CG work. It offers 12 free HD images shared under a CC-BY licence free to use even for commercial purposes. I've also managed to upload it at Google Chrome store:

This is more of a working test which turned out to be ok (and pretty simple to build tbh). C2 is a fine tool and I'll be studying (and soon getting a personal licence) and hoping to build something more complex in the future. I'm a pro CG artist and trainer and you can see more of my stuff by following the links included in the Google Store app.
You can also see how you to build the provided CG images (and more) on my blog using the -awesome- open source software called Blender:
You can check my reel here:
and (an older/bigger one) here:

Got lots of questions too so... see you around!
Thank you.Gr8effect2013-06-27 08:32:07
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