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Post » Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:21 pm

Hello. I am making a tower defense game. And yesterday i decided to experiment with my towers placement and removed an event that made the System create a tower at round((Mouse.X - 16) / 32) * 32 + 16, round((Mouse.Y - 16) / 32) * 32 + 16. So i removed that, and when the other thing i was going to try didnt work i added it again, the only problem was that the towers wasnt moving as smooth as they should. Before it was removed they just stood in one place and rotated around, but now they first move out a bit, aim at the target and then shoot. It doesnt really ruin the gameplay it just doesnt look very good. How should i go about to fix it?

Here is a early version of the game with the towerproblem, so you get a better idea of what im talking about.
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