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Post » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:55 pm

Hello friends. :)

I'm creating a game similar to hyper princess pitch, most of the game is already done, animation, rooms, enemies, weapon power ups, high score system, etc...

But I encountered a problem with the rooms, In my game when you enter a room the doors to get out of said room close on you and they reopen after you have successfully destroyed every enemy in that room similar to hyper princess pitch, but I really cant manage to make that work.

This is my events of the doors and it works perfectly but only if there is one type of enemy on screen.

This is what ive managed to do, I did this with all of the different types enemies but ended up not working, the doors wont close because all of the enemies need to be on screen for the doors to close and there are some rooms were there is only one type of enemy.

Thanks for the help :)
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