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Here is a link to my game in progress, the game play is finished just havent added sounds and start, end screens ... index.html
The object of the game is to fill all ten spaces from goal to goal
Using a half deck of cards hearts and spades
The lower card should be placed on the one ball. and the higher cards should be placed on the higher number balls
Once you fill a spot only a card lower or higher can be placed in front and behind the played card
Spades are greater than hearts IE 4 of hearts is less than 4 of spades
If you dont have a space for the card place it on the incomplete balls with X's
Fill all ten spaces get 7 points and start again
Fill all 4 incomplete spaces the game will go to the next quarter, each game you get 4 quarters
This game is extremely difficult!
See how many touchdowns you can achieve, would really love some feedback!
Thanks everyone in advance
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