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Post » Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:42 pm

Very Personal Conclusion on all this:

The "on bounce" condition is (i think) only recently added. patryk used it to solve this problem.
And after all, its probably the right solution today.

Although the "on bounce" condition is meant to over come the limitations with a ball behavior that only will bounce on solids.

Now you can choose witch object its bouncing from. And you can have 2 balls in the layout, each bouncing from different objects. Witch is very nice.

Do not understand me wrong, its a very useful condition.

But after all it is not solving the general problem.

Maybe, we need 2 Big Brother Loops. To solve this completely.

1 thats V-synced, and acting as it does now.

another 1 thats NOT v-synced, and keeps running trough the events to set flags for collision detections and triggers.

This will also make triggers finally really work as triggers.

Now i just hope that there is anyone understanding what i mean. Or anyone willing to ask questions and this way triggers me to explain till it is totally understandable, or accept that i am wrong.
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Post » Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:56 pm


this sounds interesting, but none of the .cap files mentioned here are available ... so it kind of makes it hard to follow this tut.
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