Force own texture and opacity crash

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Post » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:49 am

Problem Description
Everytime time I click Layer - Force own texture - Yes, Construct 2 r190 crashes. Same happens when I try to change Layer - Opacity I tried with r193 version and still same problem. Tested with different CapX files but still same problem (even blanck file). Updated drivers but it still keeps crashing. Running on Win7 32bits.
I think it must be a graphic problem because I dont see anybody having the same issue, but since I updated all my drivers and the problem is still there I am not sure.
Another thing I just note is that when I try to open "blend mode" tutorial, it also crashes. May it be possible that these options are enabled in this file too?

Attach a Capx

Description of Capx

Steps to Reproduce Bug
  • Select any layer
  • Force own texture
  • Yes
  • Select any layer
  • Opacity
  • Change value

Observed Result
Construct 2 engine crashes instantly and closes.

Expected Result
Interface not crash.

Affected Browsers

Operating System and Service Pack
Windows 7 Ultimate - Service Pack 1

Construct 2 Version ID
r190 - r193 free version
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Post » Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:27 pm

Can't reproduce, works here - also it's such a basic feature that I'm sure we'd have heard from other users if the problem really was in C2, so I suspect it's an issue specific to your system. I'd still suspect a graphics driver bug even if they're up to date, since either the latest driver is not available or the latest one is still broken. If you have a dual-GPU system make sure both drivers are up-to-date, and double check directly from the graphics card manufacturer for the latest driver (e.g. from nVidia website for nVidia graphics).
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