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Post » Fri Aug 22, 2014 9:27 am

I've built a new marketplace for digital items (all items are available for free!) to handle my free Construct 2 Game Basements (Like In-App Purchase, AdMob Ads via mopub, SlideIn Menu, etc) and my free Game UI's (PSD).

Note: You don't need to register an account in order to download the stuff. Just a name and a mail is needed.

Just click the banner to see what's already in the store.

Add stuff
The marketplace allows every member (vendor) to upload their own stuff (only for free & royalty free license). So if you have some free stuff you want to share, feel free to register a free account and upload your stuff. Every new user registering at our new marketplace will get a free redeem code for one of our Items at the new Scirra Store (your choice which item you choose).

Just send us your User Name at our Marketplace and from the scirra page (best would be if you use the same) and we'll send you a free redeem code.

List of available redeem codes
https://www.scirra.com/newstore/sellers ... tberger-14


Just browse through our stuff and if you like something feel free to download it and use it in your games.

You've used some from our stuff? Share the link to your game (Playstore, Itunes, HTML5 side etc) with us and we'll link it to our page shatter-box.com

Ideas & Feedback
If you have some fresh ideas or want to leave a feedback, just use this topic for it :)
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