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Post » Sun Jun 08, 2014 5:24 pm

solado wrote:... I have spent hours and hours trying to develop games over the past few weeks and not managed to finish a single one of them. .....

I just had to vent my anger and frustration somewhere


No worries, the road to perfection is long ^_^

Some, like myself, spent weeks on end optimizing/fine tuning relatively small aspects of their game.

Rome was not build in one day :mrgreen:
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Post » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:10 pm

The best thing is these forums for help. Posting your .capx many forumers here will and can help you. I have noticed Construct 2 is especially hard if you come from a C++ background where you want to make all your functions when C2 already has most of them built in, just a matter of finding them.

I have posted many "idiot" questions just because I didnt know C2's name for the function. What I have learnt as a beginner is when you are working on your main project, have another C2 project up where you can test small functions such as character sprite fade on impact etc. etc. Then you can add the perfected function to your game/project.

The hardest part is Frustration getting to ya, just hang in there, eventually you'll get it.

Practice makes perfect! Boy would I love to kill whoever made that up :-)

GL Too ya.
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Post » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:41 pm

Keep at it. You will get it. However the problems your facing are not a limit of C2. It's your own talent. It's young at still growing. I often say this and should be remembered. "It's not what C2 can't do, but what you can do with C2". There is no 2d game you can't do with C2 if you have the know how and time. Since your coming to head of what you think C2 can do. it is indeed not C2 limits.

Just to check out how awesome these games can be. And that's just a few.

Anyways. Yes your in a box. And your doing the right thing by coming to the forum. Be humble, ask politely and you will get some help.

The problem your facing is perspective. Your looking at C2 to handle all your game design work. But C2 doesn't do that. It just gives the tools to implement your ideas easier that raw programming. Break down your problem, simplify and take the problem out of the idea that C2 solves it for you. Solve the problem in your head. Figure out what you need and how to go about in your head. Then integrate the solution in C2.

DO you ave a purpose for you game. Get a mandate of your game. The goal of the game for the player(ie not the game story or finish). Such as Pacman "a game about frantic chase". Pacman goal is "Collect pellets while avoiding ghost". Define the core problem of an experience you want the player has and work from their. Then figure out what the purpose of the choice is in your game.Good luck :)
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Post » Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:33 am

What I suggest. And what I am doing.

I have my "dream games" "love projects" the games I really care about... I have those and know what I want to do with them.

If you are like me...those projects are rather...lets say ambitious. They will not be made overnight.

So work on those. Try to do things. Make certain gameplay elements work. But dont expect to finish them yet.

After you learn a bunch. And I really hate to say it. Stop the "dream game" for a bit.
Think simple. Very simple. Use what you have learned to make and finish a complete game.

I currently have 2 "real" projects. A large-scale mmo type game. And a simple spaceship game.
They are opposite in everyway possible. I dont hate the spaceship game, but it is not my "dream" game. It is a game I know would be fun, and profitable for my time. So I am making it simply to make it.

It is a learning experience as I get better to keep going with my main project.

Oh, and SUCKS.
Wish I loved art when I was little, because that is the one thing that really holds me back.
Spending 2 hours on some sad looking art and 5 minutes to get the code working really frustrates me. Im at a point where i know what I want to do and how to do it...but art is really holding me back.

Colorful shapes make for great placeholders I must say. Lets you get a project working quick. Sadly I don't use colorful shapes as often as I maybe should....
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Post » Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:24 am

Just to update this since the thread is quite old.

When I posted my response, I was polishing my spacesim Star Nomad. I struggled to get a good combat AI with fluid dog-fight/swarm movement for a long time, I even posted on the forums and a few responded with inputs but it wasn't effective so I gave up and made it simpler.

Recently I started work on a sequel, and it took me 5 minutes of problem solving/logic and a few lines of events and I have a perfect swarm AI, it looks exactly like the Starcraft Protoss Carrier launching drones to attack and peel off then re-attack and was what I had wanted.

As you use C2 more, you learn a lot of clever ways to solve problems and you will get better at it.
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