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Post » Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:37 am

Hey everyone. I ran into an issue a few days back where for some reason I had no clickable options (everything was grayed out) when I went to import frames or otherwise adjust a sprite animation. (right click in the animation frames window)

I was using r125 to begin with and I had no animation options (for the animation in my project or any animation in any other project I loaded including the built in templates) and thought it was related to the beta release so I rolled back to r124. Unfortunately it did the same thing with that release.

After quite a bit of poking and prodding I figured out how to get them back by simply clicking first on the "Fill" Icon (looks like a paint bucket) on the Edit Image window which brings up the Color Palate we are used to seeing. *I hadn't even noticed it was gone* Once that is back you should be able to right click in the animation frames window and add, duplicate, reverse or import like normal.

I didn't quite think it was a bug because it was working fine on another machine (in either beta release) but if anyone happens to run into this I wanted to share and hopefully save someone some time and headache.
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