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I just finished my first game after many years of development.

There was a lot of experience gained in making it.

Everything in it was custom, nothing from any template, and I learned a ton from the good folks at Scirra including my own discoveries.

I am proficient in many high end 3D packages.

I am offering my services because I tapped myself completely out of cash.

I went through the Construct 2 to Android process.

Haven't gone through the iOS, XBox, and Steam/PC process yet.

My game is huge as these things go, about 100 mb, and super high quality.

If anybody needs help with anything, please post here (PMs usually take longer) and way to contact.

My game is my only credentials. ... es.DarkSun

Paid work only (need 50% upfront).

P.S. Solved issues with my game, so new store listing and Beta testing should be up in a few days. There's a new sophisticated way to build Android via Cordova CLI which made my game compatible with 11,500 out of 13,000 Android device types (the old easy way, which has now been depracated, gave the silly version warnings.)
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I am familiar with the requirements you have posted.

It would be highly appreciated if you can join me on Skype to discuss further regarding the task which you want to accomplish with best quality with affordable price or please write me an email.

Having 4+ years of experience in Android & iOS Games / applications development.

My rates are too Nominal and you will be delighted with the service.

I am looking forward for your kind attention.

Anna J
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Post » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:40 pm

You should put together a portfolio, and resume.
Im sure Anna's will say something about her attention to detail.
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