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Post » Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:48 pm

I am building my game using Construct2 , but pre-game screens like options , inviting friends and other game setting options i was wondering if i should combine it with phoneGap without losing the application speed?.

Contact list i cant access using construct2 and browser webview base facebook invitation is much easier to handle the friends list which suppose if i build in phonegap then it will be lot easier for me... So i would like to combine my game which i have made in construct2 with the phonegap application to support option and other game screens , but i am wondering if anyone has ever tried this technique and if yes then does this effect the speed of the application???

I am thinking when user will click Play button i will call the construct2 html page without phonegap interference.... Please suggest what you think if still it will decrease the game speed ?? ?

I have searched this topic on tutorial and forum but i am unable to find any appropriate answer ..I would really appreciate if you experts can help me.
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