Game Jam Mini Ludam Dare 62

Looking to build a team or have a job to offer?

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Hey everyone, I figured it would be good to put Game Jams in this forum for people looking to work together. I post Jams I'm working on and hopefully find people to with or help others find peep to work with. :D

Here's the current Mini Ludam Dare I'm working on.

And here are some games on #Steam from the contest. ... udum-Dare/

What about Ludam Dare?
I'm looking for Game Jam (Friends) Buddies to work on game jams. I found. I couldn't finish for the underground jam since I had only 2 weeks and a full time job. It's hard to be both the artist and dev alone. It would be nice to split the roles or share the work load as I'm an artist and C2 user as well.

I'm interested in Ludam Dare and MininLD because projects and teams actually go from there to New Grounds or sell the game on steam.

I'm working on MiniLD 62 right now as it's from 9-19 to 9-27. If you would like, I want to work with a group for Ludam Dare Dec 11-14th 2015

This is my proposed "game plan" (pun intended)--

1) Whatever game we make, we have to come up with the idea together. Thus, the game is a fair 50/50, 3 way, or 4 way, split upfront, and we can share our ideas freely.

2) We'll have 48 hours to make the game, once we come up with the idea we assign tasks to do and update each other online.

3) After the competition, we refine and edit more the next week or weekend.

4) We post the game on Kongregate, New Grounds, and Scirra Arcade.

5) Let's look at feedback and consider editing or putting the game on Steam.
Or, reflect on what we learned, and consider getting ready for the next jam.

What do you think?
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Post » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:48 am

I wood [pun intended] love to help you :P
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