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Recently I received an email from Game Jolt about a game jam with the theme of Space.

I'm looking for a partner to join.

The theme Space match perfectly with my last project and I want start from scratch in the jam.

It will run from 19 to 21, more info here:

My project is hosted here. It's about a farmer who defend his critters from aliens, and each wave will come with a boss, who, after defeated, will drop a part of a spaceship build on the water tower.

After this stage, the hero will drive the spaceship to the orbit, dealing with more spaceships, also with the possibility of jump of the spaceship to catch more upgrades. The last stage will be a mother ship like Independence Day. Will have achievements for who finish the game without any upgrade, without dying, and so on. ... farm-13830

More details:
The player will have 3 frames with very little modifications on the hair and legs, to give him the feel of movement even in standby.
Arms will be in a separated layer with the shotgun, they will be very small, like a pixel of width, and will rotate always pointing to the mouse.

Aliens will be in 3 types, small ones to kidnap the chickens, big ones to kidnap the sheeps, and very small ones with an old truck to kidnap the cow.

Spaceships will be discs with rivets, a dome of glass up and lights on the edges. The water tower will be that typical used on farms, with 4 legs and truces, also metal with rivets.

The house will be a country bungalow, also, the aliens will come from a corn plantation.

Aliens should have at least 2 frames to walk, and two to walk with the critter pickuped, plus two frames when they are appearing.
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